Eva Helmlinger’s work speaks of movement and repetition. Gestures are at the centre of her work, bringing together breath and motion.

After her linguistic studies, Eva discovered ceramics in 2007. Following her first encounter with clay, she studied  artisanal ceramics in Paris, notably at the Duperré School.  Afterwards, she was more inclined toward abstract drawing, which has been her particular focus since 2014. She has also created some abstract paintings in recent years, which reflect a spontaneous aesthetic. Lucie Rie,  Norman Ackroyd and Cy Twombly are among the artists whose work has influenced her own.

Working in series is Eva’s preferred approach,

allowing her to mark out and explore different mediums that she encounters on her artistic path.

Visual, musical, and gestual art are all references

and sources of inspiration in the artistic stories

recounted by Eva Helmlinger.